Inspired by Tatton Exhibition 22.4.15 – 17.5.15


“Tatton Park is the inspiration for this dazzling display of Contemporary Design and Illustration. The unique objects on display include ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles and have been created by an outstanding group of new young designers and makers from the Manchester School of Art.”

Inspired by the Japanese gardens at Tatton Park I created a kinetic sculpture depicting the Japanese Crane. I also displayed a collection box automata piece from last year which collects money for the National Trust. Inspired by their work bringing the large blue butterfly back from the brink of extinction the piece has butterflies than move when the viewer adds money. The National Trust also help look after Tatton Park.
This exhibition was a collaboration with Tatton Park and several other talented designer/makers from Manchester School of Art.

Organising and and setting up the exhibition.

As a group we had to coordinate ourselves  and elements of this exhibition. We had all been involved in exhibitions before, however, we were all new to organising one. We all took different jobs to carry out, some with better organising skills took on the jobs being in contact with Tatton about any queries we all had about the space etc. When it came to advertising the event I personally did all I could to circulate the event round social medias, such as Facebook, youtube etc. We all came together to mock up the space and plan out what work would go where which went well as we all cooperated well. But, as the nature of exhibitions is ever changing, we all made the decision to re organise once we got into the actual space in Tatton.

As the exhibition was on for three weeks we created a rota of who will be with the work each Sunday and bank holiday Monday (These are the busiest days for Tatton Park) This way there are some designers in the space to talk to visitors if they ask about the work. I was scheduled to be there 3rd May.

We collaborated with Jake Haslam a graphic designer to create a poster for the event including our artist statements. He created a wonderful poster that was perfect for our exhibition, we had 500 printed, most of which had been picked up by visitors which confirmed that the poster and exhibition were a success.

On the whole the exhibition was a triumph. Congrats to everyone involved, all the work looked incredible and we got nothing but positive feedback from the visitors. On a personal note, all my business and postcards were taken and there were some flattering comments about my work in our visitors book. “The Saved Butterfly” collection box was a huge success collecting £50.21 over the four weeks, this will all be donated to the National Trust (Who help protect Tatton Park and many other things).

It was lovely to see everyone interacting with my work and seeing their faces light up when they saw the piece move, this is the reason I do what I do.

Artist Details

Camilla Thomas – Weave

Dacia McCann – Weave

Dawn Richards – Ceramics

Gabriella Hernandez – Jewellery

Kathleen McAvoy – Glass

Lucy Green – Kinetic Sculpture

Lucy Smith – Print

Stephanie Monteath – Embroidery/print

Susie Purvis – Illustration